Drawing Competition 

The first awareness-raising measures have been launched in 2021 e.g. a drawing competition was organised for the children of the kindergarten and primary schools in the municipality of Öblarn. The first contents of the water experience Öblarn are conveyed in a separate information sheet (German only).   


From the drawings submitted, the local councillors of the municipiality of Öblarn selected the winning drawings in an anonymous selection process at the end of May 2021. Finally, on 7 June 2021, the award ceremony for the drawing competition took place in Öblarn and Niederöblarn. The following pictures show the winning drawings and impressions of the award ceremony in the kindergarten and the primary schools. 



The children's drawings served as a template for the design of our Verklausnix Dachs. 


Winning picture in the kindergarten Öblarn by Chiara Musenbichler. Second place went to Hanna Kieler and third place to Maja Köll. The drawings of all the children can be downloaded here. 



Winning picture primary school - 1st grade by Noah Fechete-Morar.
Second place went to Margret Dunner and third place to Jakob Grundner. The drawings of all the children can be downloaded here. 


Winning picture primary school - 2nd grade by Leander Gruber.
Second place went to Luisa Tatzreiter and third place to Kajetan Bucher. The drawings of all the children can be downloaded here. 


Winning picture primary school - 3rd grade by Felix Colloredo-Mannsfeld.
Second place went to Leonie Gappmaier and third place to Anna Maria Prates. The drawings of all the children can be downloaded here. 

Winning picture primary school - 4th grade by Lena Spreitz.
Second place went to Johanna Rabenhaupt and third place to Leonhard Fuchs. The drawings of all the children can be downloaded here. 


Impressions of the award ceremony at the kindergarten Öblarn  


Impressions of the award ceremony at Öblarn primary school  


Impressions of the award ceremony at Niederöblarn primary school   


Wassererlebnis Öblarn is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, the Province of Styria and the European Union as part of the Rural Development Programme (LE 14-20 / EAFRD). 

Since the model was completed in May 2022, a large number of model tours have already taken place for school classes, kindergartens, families and delegations. The model mascot "Verklausnix Dachs" accompanies the visitors through the different contents that are conveyed at the model site. The following pictures summarize some impressions.  



Ongoing tours since May 2022 

Model opening on May 21, 2022 

On May 21, 2022, the model was ceremoniously opened. In addition to participants from politics and administration, about 300 regional visitors were interested in the model and followed the hourly guided tours. The following pictures provide selected impressions.  



The first working documents for schools were completed in July 2022. These serve as preparation and follow-up for the topics taught at the model site. By clicking on the adjacent image, the working document for elementary and middle school (3rd to 6th grade) can be downloaded (German only). Separate working documents for kindergartens and higher school levels will follow in the further course of the project.  



Working documents for schools and kindergartens 

Display boards at the model site 

At the end of 2021, display boards on the topics of protective forest, self-protection against floods, retention areas, and torrent and protective structures were erected at the model site. The individual topics are vividly discussed during the model tours and directly tested on the model. By clicking on the following image, the display boards can be downloaded (German only).