Wassererlebnis Öblarn is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, the Province of Styria and the European Union as part of the Rural Development Programme (LE 14-20 / EAFRD). 

Contact options 

Model Operator 


Marktgemeinde Öblarn
Johannes Madl, Amtsleiter 

Adress: 8960 Öblarn 47
Tel.: +43 3684 / 60 29
Fax.: +43 3684 / 60 29-200
E-Mail: gde@oeblarn.gv.at


Model reservations 

Model tours will be conducted from May 2022 (Monday to Friday; groups of 15-25 people), preferably for schools, kindergartens and delegations.


In addition, some water experience tours will be offered during the summer holidays, which are explicitly aimed at locals and are also open to guests with advance booking. The dates for these are 12.07.2022, 28.07.2022, 29.07.2022, 05.08.2022, 09.08.2022, 30.08.2022 and 09.09.2022.  


On individual dates, it is also possible to combine a guided tour with further attractions in the Walchental. These are equally suitable for children and adults. On the one hand, these combined tours teach visitors during the water experience how and through which measures the negative effects of flood events can be reduced and avoided. On the other hand, the programme of the so-called Copper Trail explains the historical mining in the Thaddäusstollen and the sulphur and smelting furnaces in the Walchental - as a mountain experience, so to speak. 


Departure from Öblarn station by a special wagon is punctually at 10:00 am. The excursion ends in the centre of Öblarn after about 4.5 hours (combination of water experience and copper trail). The planned dates are 14.07.2022, 21.07.2022, 04.08.2022 and 08.09.2022. 

You can register by e-mail (carina.schrempf@oeblarn.gv.at) or by phone (0664 8831 8365) with the model supervisor Carina Schrempf. Due to the limited number of participants, we recommend booking in advance.

We are looking forward to many interested guests!

Awareness Building 


Dr. Natalie Prüggler 

Adress: Moosberg 10, 8960 Niederöblarn
Tel.: +43 660 6512128
E-Mail: n.prueggler@mmenergies.at


Guided Model Tours 


Marktgemeinde Öblarn
Carina Schrempf, MA 

Adress: 8960 Öblarn 47
Tel.: +43 664 / 88318365
Fax.: +43 3684 / 60 29-200
E-Mail: carina.schrempf@oeblarn.gv.at