Model Construction and Model Areas 

The construction of the demonstration model was started on 26.04.2021. The construction management was taken over by the construction company Granit GmbH and a large number of regional companies were involved in the model construction. The model reproduces on a scale of 1:25 the Walchenbach including protective structures, the village of Öblarn as well as the retention zones along the Enns. Visitors can also test the power of the water at a separate station. The following pictures show the construction progress up to the model completion in May 2022 as well as the different model areas. 


Wassererlebnis Öblarn is funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management, the Province of Styria and the European Union as part of the Rural Development Programme (LE 14-20 / EAFRD). 

Model Planning 

Wassererlebnis Öblarn represents a hydrological model on a scale of 1:25 and required extensive planning before the model was built. Marktgemeinde Öblarn cooperated with the local MOOSMOAR Energies OG ( for the design of the content, the conception of the model processes and the funding. The constructional and hydrological planning was implemented by the engineering office Skolaut NaturRaum ( in cooperation with the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and River Research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences ( together with Marktgemeinde Öblaarn. In order to determine the necessary model parameters (especially water quantity, rock size, roughness of the channels), extensive model tests were carried out at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and River Research. The results of these tests were incorporated by Skolaut Naturraum into the construction-related model planning and corresponding tender documents were prepared for Martkgemeinde Öblarn. PP engineering GmbH ( also contributed important practical experience for the dimensioning of the water technology (especially for the pumping circuit of the model). In addition, a specially established project advisory board provided valuable technical feedback and information for the various stages of awareness building. The project advisory board consisted of representatives of the Torrent and Avalanche Control, the team around Landesrat Ök.-Rat Hans Seitinger, the departments A10 and A14 of the Province of Styria, the Civil Protection Association, the Liezen Construction District Management, as well as the Liezen District Administration.